Sometimes we don’t know

First off. WHAT THE HECK!? Why did my email not send last week 😦  (He is having problems attaching pictures. We are working on that.)

This week has been pretty dang awesome. It is incredible how much my testimony grows each day. 🙂

2 highlights of the week that I will talk about.
1 was on Thursday. We were in class and learning stuff about the gospel & one thing that Hermana Doxey told/taught us was this… In Moses 5:56, it talks about Adam being obedient. An angel asks him “Why are you sacrificing things”, basically and Adam says “I know not, save the Lord commanded me” We may not know why we do these some things, especially here at the MTC. Some things I just do not get. But I have to just obey, because it is what God commanded us to do right? 🙂 I know that if we apply obedience to everything no matter what it is that it will bring us joy. I really enjoyed this part of the lesson.

2 was this Sunday. We watched the celebration of Thomas S. Monson’s 85th Birthday. It was SO awesome. The best part of it was I COULD ACTUALLY LISTEN TO MUSIC THAT WASN’T CHURCH MUSIC! 🙂 Made me so happy. (Anybody who knows Eric, know that this is so true!) Since Thomas S. Monson loves musicals they did tons of musical selections. To list a few, Memory-Cats, 76 Trombones, All I Ask Of You (So beautiful), Consider the Lillies, but the best of all, we all gave a standing O for was the performance of Bring Him Home. It was so moving and I just love that song so much. Words do not describe the feeling felt in that room. After that we watched an 80’s missionary film that was so cheesy/inspirational/fun.  It was about a guy returning home from his mission in Colorado & talking to the guy next to him on the plane about certain people from his mission (flashbacks). It made me so excited to get to the field 🙂 I still got 5ish weeks, but I CAN’T WAIT.
I LOVE YOU ALL, SO much. I am doing great here, language is coming along. I love my district, my companion is great! 2 Elders of our district leave to Peru MTC this morning, other 2 waiting on Visas. 
This gospel is true. There is no doubt about it. 🙂 

Te amo.
-Elder Swenson


About elderswenson

Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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