“The world has too many critics, and not enough cheerleaders”

 Is that quote not AWESOME!?! I heard it yesterday & knew that is what the title of my email should be.

So the quote above made me think a lot. I as a missionary am going to be a cheerleader, bringing the best news ever to people who need it. About how wonderful this life is and how we should live it to our full potential.  We should all try to be cheerleaders and be positive about life. Don’t let things get to us so quickly and just live everyday and give thanks to people who make a difference. That is what I learned from this quote 🙂 I hope you like it too.
I have gotten so many great letters from people this week that make me SO darn happy, including one from Alison (his cousin who is also serving a mission)! She is doing so fantastic, I love her so much 🙂 Amanda’s package was hilarious “the gift of tongues” which had candy and stuff. So awesome, & the pictures from the wedding… oh my gosh so beautiful. I almost cried they made me so happy.
Now onto my week of adventure!
SO, I will start with the worst moment ever here… The door to our classroom is the devils door. Seriously it shuts SO fast. I was going to bring the vacuum back and it slammed right on my ankle. It was so funny/hurt SO bad. It’s all good now, I even played volleyball the next day and it was fine 🙂 No worries. But it was horrible. I also got elbowed through the net in the mouth on Saturday and kneed where it hurts. Some guys here do not know how to play without going straight into the net and killing other people. I feel like I am gonna die every time I go up for a block/hit. hahaha
Another quote “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that is why they call it the present.” -Kung Fu Panda. LOVE IT!
One thing I learned this week is that I was called to Mexico to SPEAK SPANISH for a reason. God wants me to preach the gospel in that language. He trusts me. We as a district have a hard time learning spanish sometimes and it makes us pretty frustrated. But this helped us a TON. 
On Sunday we watched a talk given by Elder Holland entitled “Missions Are Forever” saying that we should never take this mission for granted, give it all you got. One thing he said hit me SO hard. He said “This mission will be hard, you will have trials… he says, Why should this life/mission be easy when it wasn’t easy for Christ. We need to have our own personal Gethsemane & Calvary.” I was in total shock of how much this made sense. 
I am so excited to get to Mexico to teach the gospel. Every day grows closer. 
I will not go through this mission with any regrets 🙂 I will live it to it’s full potential.
I LOVE this gospel & I LOVE you all.
Te amo.
Elder Swenson

The pictures are: Eric’s backflip, Eric and his district. Glad to see he is having a good time while studying and learning so much.




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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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