There is SO much to say… 🙂 Monday is my PDAY so that is when you will get emails :)… obviously.

In response to all of the emails I LOVED talking to you in the airport. You all sound like you are doing great! I am SO happy 🙂 I love you all so very much and I do not know what I would do without you. Your support and love mean the world to me. I haven’t gotten the package yet. I think we get mail/packages at district meetings on Wednesday. I honestly have no idea. I will let you know!
So hopefully this email will answer all the questions about Mexico and all 🙂
So I made it to MEXICO!!!!! 🙂 I walked through the doors after security in Mexico and a great big sign BIENVENIDOS A MEXICO! (Welcome to Mexico) with President Christensen and his wife. Big smiles and a hug from President Christensen. They are INCREDIBLE I love them so much already. We drove to the mission home. GORGEOUS home, probably the best nieghbor hood in ALL of Mexico. Had dinner and off to bed. Then the next morning, breakfast and orientation. I seriously have the best mission president. He is so awesome. Then we went to cambios (transfers). My companion is Elder Muñoz. He is honestly the BEST. He teaches by the Spirit, he knows what he is doing. He has only been here 3 months and now he is a trainer! How crazy is that!? He really helps me when I need help in Spanish and such. My area is Xicotencatl… Uhhhhhh do you know how to say that. It took me awhile. Hahahah! I have a great district. My district leader is from Henderson. Elder Christensen. After that we went out to our areas… In all honesty I have no idea how I got here. We took a bus and walked super far to get to the apartment… HAHAHAH! I am seriously a lost puppy all of the time! hahaha. My apartment, as said by Elder Christensen is one of the best. I am in good hands. 
Second day. We started off rough, our appointments fell through but it is okay we contacted. Then we had La Comida (kind of like lunch) with the Hernandez Rodriguez family. In Mexico, they have breakfast La Comida-2 oclock and La Cena-8/9 oclock. La Comida is seriously SO MUCH FOOD. It is something I need to adjust to hahahaha! The members are SO incredibly nice, I love them. Then we taught Axel and his mom, we watched Finding Faith in Christ. I got to bear my testimony and teach a little. When the people speak I feel like it is all different like one person will say the EXACT same phrase but it just sounds different. It is really weird. I am just trusting with all my heart in the Lord to help me learn Spanish 🙂 It is not going to come over night. I need to realize that. So on the way to the Orona Guzman Family appointment I almost witness a slaughtering of pigs. I heard LOUD pig squeals and CHOP……. Elder Muñoz and I laughed and ran as fast as we could away from that spot. So funny… The Orona Guzman family understands the gospel really well. It was their 2nd lesson so we taught the Plan of Salvation. They are truly awesome. We teach them again tomorrow! My first real day in Mexico was full of adventure and confusion. hahaha! But I love it.
3rd day. Highlights-We didn’t have la comida because the family was gone… so I had bread and cereal… The only things I recognized in the store… hahahah! Then we went to the chapel and I met some members. They are truly amazing. Even though I didn’t understand most of what they were saying, I truly am grateful for them. Then this man was outside that we talked to. I understood about 1/4 of what he was saying but I know that he has had a rough life. We brought him inside & Elder Muñoz took it from there. He had no socks so we gave him ours. It was incredible to see Elder Muñoz in action and I felt the spirit though I felt really helpless because I couldn’t respond or understand. An incredible moment. I am so grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel and the many many many blessings that it brings.
3rd day-We taught Juana-her baptism is SUNDAY!!!! So excited. We had a rough day where all our appointments were non existent. People weren’t home or they were busy. It was really frustrating but sometimes that is how it is. Then we found this family. The Rodriguez family. They were so fun and so amazing. They invited us in and from what I understood the Father, Fernando, had doubts but was willing to do what we asked. We teach them again tonight. After a hard day, Heavenly Father truly blessed us with a great family.
4th day- I saved Elder Muñoz’ life. The driving here is INSANE… seriously there is no law… So when you think the driving is bad in the U.S. Don’t even complain! 🙂 Elder Muñoz was walking and this bus zooms at him I grabbed him and pulled him back. CRAZY! Today I ate a pepper full of stuff… It was SO HOT! Tears in my eyes. You should be proud of me. We taught a recent convert family who are so welcoming and loving! I loved talking to them
Yesterday (5th day)- Church and meetings… I have no idea what happened… I was so lost… hahahaha. But then we taught Ivan Piedras. He speaks english quite well and understands completely so I got to speak in English and help him! It was so incredible. His wife left him 6 months ago with his kids and he doesn’t understand why. I taught him the best I could as to why and I think I helped a lot.
Today I just got done touring the Coca Cola factory and ate la comida.
I am loving it here. Even though it is hard… I am truly blessed and I am so grateful for this gospel and to be an instrument in the Lord’s hand.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! til next time.
Te amo mucho.
-Elder Swenson
P.S. No pictures this week. He sent several but none actually worked.

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