Jolly Green Giant

Meaning of the title of this email… I AM TOO TALL FOR MEXICO!!! hahahaha. I have to duck ALL of the time. Seriously. I have hit my head a couple of times & just wait for the story to explain why I am the Jolly Green Giant.
I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for prayers, love, and support I couldn’t do it without you!
So with the Rodriquez family we taught them Monday, well mostly Fernando, the Father. He felt the spirit so strong as did I when I talked about Joseph Smith. It was truly incredible. He really seems like he will progress and his faith will grow. Then Elder Muñoz and I (Elder Muñoz is from Tamaulipas, Mexico by the way) sang Soy Un Hijo De Dios, I am a Child of God, to end the lesson and the family swarmed back to the table. The wife then asked some questions about the gospel and we taught the lesson again kind of. We were supposed to teach them Wednesday but they were in Mexico City… I was really sad, but it is alright we will visit them tonight. Pray that they will be there! I love them so much, such a great family.
The gas was out for a couple days this week, but our neighbors had hot water so I took a bucket shower. That was new! 🙂
So… on Tuesday there was literally this crazy guy walking with us and talking to us. He was so funny… I did not understand a word that he said but he was just talking about something and just going crazy. He had a Spice Girls necklace on and I honestly cannot explain why it was so funny but it was! 🙂 I am really in Mexico, serving a mission I thought to myself. This is reality. :)We taught the Orona Guzman family and they have a date set now for the 10th of November!!! I am so excited and happy for them! 🙂 Such an incredible family and I always feel the spirit when we teach.
Food stories: I seriously ate spagetti mixed with ketchup & mayonaise…. I prayed and I didn’t throw up! I also had Mole (pronounced Moleay) for the first time and it was YUMMY! Another funny story… NOBODY TOLD US YESTERDAY WAS DAYLIGHT SAVINGS… so we were freezing waiting for an hour for the bishop and the rest of the ward to come. Primary program. It was awesome and so funny! 🙂 I love seeing how happy music makes them.
So on Friday I had to go to Puebla to get my visa set. It is about an hour and a half away from Xicotencatl. The last half hour you have to take this little van thingy… It should only fit about 15 people and there were about 25 people. Me being the jolly green giant. I was like the hunchback of Notre Dame… my back was on the roof. It was so funny. The driver was driving soooo fast and I thought to myself, if he crashes, nobody in this car is going to survive… It was so funny! hahahaha Oh man.
Now the BEST STORY OF THE WEEK! Juana got baptized yesterday! :)))))))
Oh my goodness, how beautiful that baptism was. She was really sick at church Sunday morning and I was worried about her. When she showed up for the baptism she wasn’t as sick and she had a huge smile on her face. She was really emotional after she was baptized. She truly is incredible. I am so happy for her and now one more of the fold has come unto Christ. I love being a missionary and an instrument in the work of God’s Kingdom. I am so grateful to be out here, even though it is extremely difficult at times. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The Spanish gets better everyday, I am starting to know my way around. No matter where you are in the world the Church is true.
I Love you all so very much. I am loving being a missionary, I cannot wait to see what this week holds for us as missionaries. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! and for me day of the dead! That is gonna be fun! I LOVE YOU!
Te amo.
-Elder Swenson

Pictures – Eric, Juana, Elder Munoz; Eric and Elder Munoz; Eric in Mexico; Eric in front of the Provo temple.



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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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