Running in Sunday Shoes

HOLA!!!!!! 🙂 

So this week has been rough, but truly incredible as well!!!
I say rough because TONS of our apointments fell through, even our back ups, and back up back ups. It was really frustrating but I will tell you about the wonderful moments of this week.
1st story… Francisco.
Francisco is the husband of Noemi. Noemi joined the church in February of this year. She is very cheerful and so kind. A couple months back, according to my companion, Francisco said one Sunday morning. You won´t go to church today because this is my home… I don´t want you to go to church today, and I guess he has never wanted to really associate with the church.
Let me tell you, the gospel will touch peoples hearts in their own time. We get a call from Noemi on Thursday, “My husband wants you to teach him!” We went to teach him Friday. OH MY GOODNESS!!! He is incredible. He said, I want to change my life, I want to be an example to my daughters. I want to follow Christ. We have a baptism date set for him on the 24th of November. He came to church yesterday. He knows so much about the gospel, truly. He is so willing to do anything asked of him. I have so much confidence in him, and so grateful for his example and desire to change.
2nd story… Marisela.
I love love love Marisela. She is truly wonderful. On Tuesday, she was having a really hard time and we helped her out I felt like and through it all.  We set a date for baptism, the 24th as well. She has been talking with the missionaries for over a year. She has doubts of changing, but if we really try and work with her, I think she will be able to be baptized. She didn´t come to church yesterday, so the date will have to change but she is progressing. Through our lessons her doubts fade. But we went to teach her Friday and extended family came over and we didn´t have a chance to teach her. That was sad, but we will teach her tomorrow. 
We also have another date set for Luis Antonio and his grandmother, he is 18 and he read the pamphlet we gave him, he truly wants to change. He is GREAT! I am really grateful to have such incredible investigators. Heavenly Father truly puts his hand in our work. I feel so close to the Savior, and the Spirit out here. I absolutely love teaching these people.
As far as the Orona Guzman Family, they cancelled our appointment on Thursday and said they would come to church but didn´t 😦 I am a little worried but they are great! I have faith in them.
The Rodriguez family. Martha accepted the Law of Chastity, but Fernando was still working. I hope we can teach him this week.
I wish I had time to tell you more!!! AHHHH….
Oh, the title of my email… Here is the story. 
We had exchanges on Tuesday, I was in the Loma Florida area. I did not pack running shoes… why would I need them… Welllllll. We didn´t have any water. So what did we do… run to my apartment, in my Sunday shoes. After 30 minutes my body and probably the Spirit said, if you run one more minute, a tendon in your calf is going to snap. SO… I said Elder Alvarez. We need to walk. I cannot run in these shoes. HAHAHAHA! That was interesting.
I love you all so much, your support and prayers mean everything. I am LOVING it here. Wouldn´t change it.
SO I have decided to have a little Counting Blessings column at the bottom of my emails. Things I am GRATEFUL for back in the United States, that sometimes we take for granted.
Drumroll please….
Counting Blessings: Stoplights and Stop signs… They truly are blessings, believe me. 
Te amo mucho!!!
-Elder Swenson

About elderswenson

Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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