Well this week was extremely difficult. A ton of things happened with investigators, but we are determined to have success this week 🙂 
Francisco-Called back to work for 3 months straight then 2 months of rest… we don’t know when we will be able to teach him again BUT he still wants to change and be baptized! Love him a lot
Orona Guzman Family-Bailed on our lesson because they were in Mexico City 😦 We will have a lesson with them this week!! 
Rodriguez Ramirez Family-Appointment tonight! 🙂
Luis Antonio & Gloria-Weren’t there when we went to visit them but we will teach them this week 🙂
Adolfo & Minerva- Don’t know if I told you about them but they are a great couple with great kids. Our lessons are very successful with them. Poor Minerva is all beat up because of an accident she had. Broken arm and whiplash. 😦 But they are so awesome! I have a really good feeling about them.
GOOD NEWS 🙂 Emma is a friend of the Salado Juarez family (Recent convert family that I love so very much) dropped the missionaries a couple months back BUT we got a text from her saying that she wants to be baptized no matter what her grandma says. hahahaha 🙂 We have had trouble having to schedule a lesson because something comes up and she can’t come. But I met her and she is truly incredible. So excited for her!!
Well, I just got done playing volleyball. How I love that sport. I must say, I did very well.
We had changes early this time because President wants to send missionaries home to their families for Thanksgiving. SO Elder Muñoz and I just got told… WE HAVE TO WORK 2 AREAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? WHAAAAA???? Can you say CRAZY! Now we are in charge of Apizaco & Xicotencatl… Wow. This is going to be VERY interesting 🙂 Prayers please.
Last week I wanted to talk about the pioneers because I finished reading Our Heritage.
Holy moly am I grateful for the pioneers and early members of the church. 2 stories I loved and was completely stoked by. One girl, traveled across the plains in and got frost bite. When they finally arrived in Salt Lake, they took off her shoes and the skin came with it. They amputated her feet and she walked on her knees the rest of her life. She got married and then had 7 children. Wow… Next story. Mary Ann joined the church, the only member in her family. Married a member 4 months later… Her husband was killed in a beating by a mob trying to disrupt a church gathering. All alone, Mary Ann went to Nauvoo, Illinois. She never saw her family again. She then married a widower and her family stayed in the church and honored her name. How incredible were the first members of the church, traveling across the country, enduring so much persecution and trials. When I complain about my walking… I think of the pioneers. I have a very strong love and appreciation for the early members, the pioneers of the church. Thanks to them, we have what we have today. 
I love you all so very much. Thank you for your prayers, love and support. I cannot do it without you.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! To my sister and her husband Zak. And to my lovely parents. I love you all ❤
I am overjoyed at my best friend Suzie Dutson’s mission call to Chile.
How incredible is this life?!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! My favorite holiday! 🙂
Counting Blessings: Water from the tap, that you can drink without the risk of parasites and such. Don’t worry. all my water is filtered through a water bottle thing.
Thanksgiving, they don’t have it here in Mexico but our zone is having a feast next pday 🙂 So we are this year! The biggest blessings in my life: This Gospel, My family, and my friends. ❤
Te amo mucho.
-Elder Swenson


Eric and Dallin Busby at the MTC on Dallin’s 1st day thereRistorante Las Vegas.   Last district meeting before transfers.  Mia (the birthday girl). ImageImageImageImage


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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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One Response to Pioneers

  1. Doreen Woolley says:

    We just returned from LV and the Masquerade Party for your parent’s 25th anniversary. Amanda did a fabulous job of decorating, refreshments, planning, etc. The setting was right for such a party, and everyone who came seemed to have a great time. Livi and Andy (and Charlie, the dog) helped all day with the errands, decorating, etc. and then left this morning at 6 AM to get back for Mass and Red Robin. FYI our email is Your Mom asked me to send it to you.

    We love your letters, and it sounds as if you are adapting to mission life. Remember that missions are hard, and some days seem endless, but the weeks pass quickly, and you learn lots every week. Even the disappointments are learning opportunities. Remember that your job is to teach and testify, and if there are conversions, great. But don’t set your goals based on another’s agency!!

    Have a great week, and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers often.

    Maman and Granddad

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