20th Century Fox Flute

So… if you do not know the meaning of the title get on youtube right now and watch 20th century fox flute. You will understand this story better.
So the reason this is the title is because we were in a cambi (one of the transportation cars here in Mexico, basically a van) and this lady gets on and says “Buenas Tardes, Jovencitos” (Good Afternoon, young ones) pulls out a recorder, and starts to play Greensleeves. It was SO funny… because it was exactly like the 20th Century Fox Flute video. I held in my laughter believe it or not. But the moment we stepped off the cambi (the woman had already left at a different stop) I busted up laughing and knew this needed to be the title of my next email 🙂 I hope you can picture this guys, it was SO funny.
Now onto the week.
Fam Rodriguez Ramirez, both have started to work every day but Sunday, they said they really want to come to church though… They didn’t come yesterday so it was really sad BUT we will try to stop by next Sunday. We text them to remind them but never get a response. I am truly sad about them 😦 But, in time we will be able to teach them, little by little.
Adolfo & Minerva are the BIGGEST blessing. They are progressing so quickly. I am so grateful for them. They are the light at the end of the tunnel. We have dates for Adolfo Minerva Gustavo and Naila for the 15th of December and I have so much faith that they are going to be baptized. The youth had a camp this past weekend and we wanted Gustavo to attend so the whole family came to the chapel, the night of mutual so tons of youth were there for Gustavo, Naila quickly made friends with Mia daughter of the Salado Juarez family and Adolfo and Minerva socialized with the members. We even gave a chapel tour. When we asked how they felt they said so peacful and calm. When we showed them the baptismal font they said, “WOW” I could feel the spirit so strong. I am so grateful for this family. Gustavo had tests in school so he coudn’t go to the camp. Adolfo had work on Sunday and Minerva was REALLY sick, so they couldn’t come on Sunday… but we will teach them on Tuesday 🙂 I love em.
Lluvia: We had always gone to Lluvia’s house to teach her a lesson but she was never home. So I didn’t even know who she was. We finally caught her at home and she really wanted us to teach her. The first lesson was incredible, she wants to do everything and accepted a date for the 15th as well. She is so great 🙂
Jesus GanoFlores: Don’t think I told you about him either, well we have only had one lesson with him, describing who we are as missionaries and what he expects, after that we hadn’t seen him and hadn’t had another appointment. He is married to a member, a former missionary actually. They have a sweet little daughter. Anyway, we went to teach him and he has had a change. He told us I want to be baptized, I want to be cleansed of my sins. What do I need to do? As we told him what he needed to do, he wrote everything down because he said he would forget. Anyway, the lesson was great. We will start REAL lessons (Restoration, Plan of Salvation, etc) this week. He didn’t come to church on Sunday but his wife said, he worked late and wouldn’t get up, I didn’t want to force him but after you left, he said something really important. He said “I felt something deep in my heart when Elder Swenson bore testimony…” I was so thankful and tears filled my eyes that I could touch his heart and help him to feel the Spirit. It also shows that I am having the gift of tongues. It is truly incredible 🙂 So grateful for that moment.
Orona Guzman family: Taught them this week!!!! But the Father, Jesus, is going to Monterey for all of December. We want them to be baptized as a family and Jesus is the one who is progressing the most. So… we will teach them once more this week. Then stop by the house to read and talk with the family without Jesus. When he returns we will continue with lessons. We need prayers for them to stay strong if you can do that 🙂
Remind me to tell you about Edith, a less active, next week.. I don’t have time to talk about her. BUT WOW. 🙂
Working 2 areas has been CRAZY and really tiring. BUT we are working really hard. I gave a talk in the Xicotencatl ward this Sunday on Christlike Attributes. It was really good. For those who want to know, my spanish is coming along so great! 🙂 I am so grateful for the help of my Heavenly Father in this aspect of my mission.
I am so grateful to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I am so blessed to be a missionary.
I love you with all of my heart!!! 🙂
Te amo muchisimo!
-Elder Swenson

About elderswenson

Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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