I’m so full, I think I broke the Word of Wisdom

I cannot explain how many times this phrase runs through my head. Mexicans LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat 🙂 If you are curious, I love the food here. It is delicious, sometimes there are the moments where I have NO idea what it is… or I need to pray really hard to get it down. BUT I truly LOVE the food here 🙂
As I sit here, after playing soccer with some of the Zone, I am tired. I MADE 5 GOALS :)))) I was pretty darn happy, but I do remember why I quit soccer… too. much. running.
I had a really great time 🙂
So this week with investigators was once again rough… Appointments falling through, changing appointments for this week, etc. But nonetheless it was a great week.
Progressing Investigators:
Lluvia: Rescheduled for this week
Adolfo & Minerva family: As well, rescheduled
Jesus Gano Flores: Rescheduled
IVAN PIEDRAS IS BACK! Remember him.. the one I got to teach in English and we have an appointment with him this week 🙂
Family Rodriguez Ramirez:They are back as well! We will teach Marta this week 🙂 Francisco still is working 😦
Nahum, Valeria, & Charon: Have a date now for the 22 of December. Their parents are less active, and they are a great family.
Orona Guzman: Juan (the Dad) left to Monterrey today 😦 Progress with them will be hard with him gone. BUT we’ll keep the faith.
NONE of them came to church… That seems to be the hardest thing is getting our investigators to church… but we had 4 less actives return to church this week 🙂
Oh… I promised to tell you about Edith. So I had revelation for Edith a week ago, I knew we needed to read and talk about Alma 34. My Spanish was the best it has ever been, I felt the spirit so strong, one of the strongest in my life. Everyone in the room was crying, I cannot explain how incredible the feeling was while reading and talking about this chapter and the blessing of the gospel in our lives. To end the lesson Elder Muñoz said, “Edith, I need you to do me a favor. As a representative of Jesus Christ, will you end this night with a prayer?” She let out a huge sigh, and said ” Okay” She gave the most beautiful prayer. Now, every time we have asked Edith to pray in the past she said No No No I can’t. She truly felt like she couldn’t pray anymore. But in this moment she did and she has been reading the Book of Mormon again and praying every day. In time, I KNOW Edith will come back to church 🙂 An incredible moment of my mission that I will never forget.
Cool story: I got to use my English yesterday. During church, two people showed up and needed to have an interview in English… they knew they could find an American at an LDS church 😉 hahahah. Let me tell you, it was truly crazy… In the practice I would switch back and forth from English to Spanish. It was really weird. It has already started and I have only been out a month and a half..ish here in Mexico. I have been blessed with the gift of tongues. I am so grateful for it, do not get me wrong though… I struggle sometimes 🙂
Sad story: To do the interview they needed to make a video (I am guessing that it was for an exam for school, by the way, Kared (the interviewer) spoke really well she was so nervous) I could only be in the video if I took off my tags. Elder Muñoz said… “Give me your tags” I seriously wanted to cry… It was preface for in the future when my mission is over and when I will have to take off my tags… 
Let me tell you I dread that day. I love being a missionary. Words do not describe how incredible it is. I would never change this moment in my life for anything. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
“Bdee Bdee Bdee that’s all folks!”
-Elder Swenson
OH I forgot my counting blessings column last week so here is 2: Electrical Appliances (Stove, dishwasher, microwave) my second one is Olive Garden.

Pictures next week.



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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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