Shouting, Yelling English

Well, being the only American (Guerro) here in Mexico. I get yelled at, screamed at, shouted at in English no doubt every day. Let me tell you it is really funny. Two examples: A clown coming out of a birthday party, “HI, HOW ARE YOU? SEE YOU LATER!” Two men, only have one leg and are on crutches screaming “HI WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I AM FROM EL SALVADOR!” basically chasing me down on their crutches. It was a little scary :/ This is the reason for the title of this email. 🙂
On to the week here in Mexico 🙂
On Monday, we cut my hair with the clippers Jenna Rhoads gave to me before I left 🙂 It was fun. Although one of the blades slipped off about 3/4 through the haircut. We went to a hairstylist the next day and she fixed it. Part of my hair still hasn’t been cut yet!! hahahahah! Thank you so much Jenna. I am so grateful to have these clippers because it saves me money and it is really easy to cut my hair!
I know you probably have heard this but I really love it:
Missionary: Someone who leaves their family for a short time, so that others can be with their family for all of eternity.
Adolfo & Minerva: All we have left is the Word of Wisdom. They are progressing really well 🙂 They won’t be able to be baptized on the 15th because they haven’t come to church. Didn’t come yesterday because Minerva’s sister had her wedding! At least it wasn’t a lame excuse 🙂 They will come this week they said!
Ivan Piedras: He is back and has a hunger for the Spirit. We have a lot of faith he will progress quickly and will be baptized, hopefully in this transfer. He is really incredible. Since he hasn’t heard from us since I think my first week here. When I spoke for the first time he said in English “Oh my goodness, your Spanish has gotten really amazing, congratulations!” hahaha. He is really awesome and I am grateful for him.
Now… wait for the best news ever. FRANCISCO (the husband of Noemi a recent convert) IS BACK!!! He came to church yesterday and he just said “I want to be a member of this church, I want to be baptized.” We taught him this morning the Plan of Salvation and Chastity. We will teach him The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Word of Wisdom Thursday, then Tithing and Fast Offerings this week or beginning of next week. Then he will be baptized on the 22nd of December :))))) I am so grateful that the Lord has put Francisco in our lives. He is an example of faith for me. I love him so much and I am so excited for him. The problem is his work, works for 1 month, break for 15 days. But from what he told us today, his bus is being fixed or something and he can choose when he goes back to work. Elder Muñoz said that for sure he can be baptized on that date. WOO HOO 🙂 I am on Cloud 9!
Rest of Progressing Investigators we will teach this week and you will get an update on them.
Edith-We had another INCREDIBLE lesson on the Plan of Salvation with her. I am so grateful for her. Without us even asking, she said “I am coming back to church this Sunday, I want to and I am going to go” sadly, her foot is broken or really badly hurt. She couldn’t come yesterday because she had an appointment. We are going to give her a blessing tonight and she said she will be at church this Sunday” PRAYERS=ANSWERED! I am so happy 🙂 This mission is just the best, no words describe.
We had divisions this week. Elder Johnson & I, 2 guerros (Americans) only out for less than 5 months, held our own the whole day and did really really really well 🙂 It was a lot of fun. In one of our lessons we watched a youtube video entitled “The Atonement and Missionary Work” If you have not seen this. GO WATCH IT NOW… It will change your life. It not only applies to missionary work, but to all of our lives. I promise you will not regret it. Please Please watch it 🙂
I close with a quote from a letter from Regan Busby that I got this week 🙂
“If the Lord isn’t calming the waters, maybe he wants us to become better swimmers” Eh? Love it!

Counting Blessings: THE TEMPLE. I can’t go to the temple on my mission unless one of our converts goes through for a sealing or endowment. (Crossing fingers for Francisco and Noemi!!!!) I miss the temple a lot. It is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Go as often as you can and feel the spirit there. 
I LOVE YOU ALL. Your support and love means the world. Nothing compares to this mission.
Te amo mucho.
-Elder Swenson

Pictures: Eric and Elder Johnson, Eric and Elder Munoz, Eric getting ready to cut his hair, Eric & Elder Munoz with a member family, Eric and the nativities I sent him, Elder Munoz taking a turn at Eric’s hair



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