Bring on the New Year!

I gotta make this one quick because my companion is sick 😦 I feel so horrible for him. 
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! 2013 HERE WE GO.
I am so excited to serve a WHOLE year in the mission field. It is going to be the best year of my life.
SO this week was quite uneventful because everyone is on vacation… We went to members homes, shared a message. Less actives homes and shared a message. But with our investigators… they are ALL gone. So this week should pick up again… 🙂 
We spent a lot of the days at the Salado Juarez family house, teaching a lesson and playing some games. They are the best!
I don’t know if I told you this yet… but Hna. Mayra is pregnant!!!! :))))))))) They are going to be a family of 5! Here is the sweetest thing ever… If they are having a boy, they are naming him Eric Antonio. After me and Elder Muñoz. I HOPE THEY HAVE A BOY!!! hahahaha 🙂
I ate a TON THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! Had Dominoes twice. On Christmas, Fettuchini and bread, burritos. Lasagna, carna asada, just lots of food.
Christmas was truly awesome. I couldn’t have asked for better 🙂
Truly I am SO grateful to be here serving a misson. I cannot express my love and appreciation for every single one of you. I feel the prayers given, and the love for missionaries here.
I am sorry that this week’s email was super short, but there really wasn’t much to this week. Though it has been great getting to spend time with members and less actives.
I love you all so much. Happy New Year!
I hope you all have a great night tonight! 🙂
Counting Blessings: Maman, my wonderful grandmother 🙂 Her birthday was yesterday and I just LOVE her so much. 🙂 She is all that I could ever ask for. She is truly a remarkable woman who has played a huge part in my life.
Te amo MUCHO.
 Elder Swenson 🙂

Pictures: With 2 future missionaries (the one on the right is going to Guatemala), matching Christmas ties from the Juarez family.




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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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