No Hugs??!!

I will be the first one to admit that I hate the rule that we cannot give hugs… I truly miss being able to comfort someone with a hug. But I do know that the rule is there to protect us. It was hardest this week as Hna Mayra lost her baby… I just wanted to give her the BIGGEST hug to comfort her. (Editor’s note: We have permission from Hermana Mayra Juarez to share this.) In her words she said “The way that I reacted when I lost my other baby in February, when the gospel wasn’t in my life, was completely different than how I have reacted now. I know that Jesus Christ knows EVERY single thing that we go through, that everything happens for a reason. That he loves me and he knows what I need in my life. This gospel is true. I know with all my heart.” Even though it has been hard for her, she’s kept an incredible spirit. I admire her so very much. She is truly an example of faith and strength. I love her so much and she is one of my best friends here. She means a lot to me.
Well, this week has been hard to start up again with our investigators we haven’t seen in a while but… We have a baptism for the Luna Fernandez family on Friday!!!! :)))) I am soooooo excited. I know I have needed to cover Apizaco and Xicotencatl for a reason and the Luna Fernandez family is one of them. 🙂 They truly are so ready to be baptized. We also had a return investigator, the friend of Hna. Mayra named Emma. She is so awesome!!! She came to church yesterday and said “I just feel so calm and full of the spirit” I am very confident that she will join the Salado Juarez family and be baptized in this change 🙂 We are being blessed.
My new companion is Elder Leon, from Sonora Mexico. He has been out here for 13 months and is a great missionary. I am really excited to see where this companionship goes. We are gonna rock 2 areas once again and I am just really grateful for a hard working companion. This is where I am supposed to be. I love it here. Nothing compares to this time I have had here. 5 months tomorrow! Time is flying and I just want to live this mission with no regrets, that when the dreaded time comes when I can no longer call myself Elder Swenson, I can say that I have done ALL that I can do to serve this mission. I am so happy, no words describe my joy of being here in the mission field.

Cool story… at changes this week everybody knew there was going to be an “american sister missionary” We all were pretty excited since they don’t send American sisters here for safety, I guess. But the Presidents wife has decided to go out into the mission field!!! How COOL IS THAT!? I talked with her and she said, How am I going to learn the language if I am always inside the mission home, I too have been called to serve a mission and I am so excited to serve. She is the COOLEST!
Well, that is it for the week. I love you all so very much. 🙂
Counting blessings: Just turning the handle to take a shower… not having to light the boiler and wait, or sometimes not having gas. hahahaha! That is a HUGE blessing 🙂
Te amo
-Elder Swenson

 Elder Moore (Elder Munoz’s new trainee), Elder Munoz (Eric’s trainer), Eric, Elder Young (Elder Munoz’s trainer) Eric called the picture “Our Family” 



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