Fake Laugh

So here in good ol’ Mexico, I am loving life. Enjoying this wonderful mission that I have been given. One thing I have been SO grateful for is the gift of tongues and how quickly I have learned Spanish. 🙂 BUT, there still are times where I don’t understand and I get to use my famous “fake laugh”… Everyone in the room is BUSTING up laughing and…. I am sitting there in my own little world not understanding what was just said so… I let out my BAHAHAHAHAA and it’s all good 🙂 

So this week, we had a baptism for the Luna Fernandez family.
It was truly such a beautiful baptism, they were so happy and filled with the spirit. Their testimonies at the end was one of my favorite parts. Hna. Ivonne said “When the gospel came into our lives, we were going through a difficult time in our family. But through this wonderful message and the blessing of the gospel, it truly has brought our family together. Now, all we need is my daughter who lives so far away, to listen to the missionaries so we can be sealed together as a family for time and all eternity” It was seriously so beautiful. The water was FREEZING and when Hna. Ivonne came out of the water she let out a huge breath and a big lip quiver… like really big. hahahahha! It was funny 🙂 So grateful for this family.
Then the biggest suprise/blessing this week. A week ago a father and son were yelling “JOVENES” behind us, which is young ones in Spanish. (we get called it all the time) The Father said that his son had been saying this morning that he wants to talk to someone in English. We took down their direction and set up an appointment. When we went to the house, I was expecting a really bad experience having this 14 year old try to speak to me in English, but he was INCREDIBLE. He knows his stuff 🙂 Well, my companion was teaching the other brother The Restoration in Spanish. I got to teach the Plan of Salvation to Dante (the son) 3/4 in English 1/4 in Spanish. He told me his niece died after a month of living and he was angry with God for what happened. He thought his niece was in limbo… as I explained the Plan of Salvation to him he told me. It all makes sense, thank you so much, I truly just feel really calm and feel so much better. Then my companion spotted something in their home. Ummmm… their clock, sort of, kind of, well is a picture of the Manhattan temple!!! HOW SWEET IS THAT! The mother told us that she knew a Mormon and she talked to them a lot about the gospel. She loved the picture of the Manhattan temple and now it hangs in their home. I am hoping as we truly begin lessons with them that they will accept the gospel and receive its blessings in their lives.
This week was really awesome and so full of the spirit 🙂
I love you all so much. Being a missionary is the best thing in the whole entire world. I am so blessed to be here teaching this message of the Gospel. It is so true, and I know it with all my heart.
Counting Blessings: SHANGHAI! The BEST family card game in the world. I will forever cherish this wonderful family memory and blessing in my life 🙂
Te amo.
-Elder Swenson

 Luna Hernandez baptism



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