I felt Like Superman

SO I had a pretty scary event in my week 🙂 I went to eat at an Hermana’s house and she told us that she was doing well but a little sick… After she gave us the first part of the meal she went to the fridge to get something. She started to fall/faint…. BRINGING THE FRIDGE DOWN ON TOP OF HER!!!!!!!!!! I jumped up yelling “HERMANA” and jumped in front of the fridge and it came down on me instead of her. (I seriously felt like Superman) HALLELUJAH! She was out for about 20 seconds. Helped her up and she came back to her senses. It was really scary but after the meal we gave her a blessing. She was at church yesterday feeling a ton better. I was so happy. (Keep Hna. Nancy Uribe in your prayers)
We had an incredible Zone Conference with the president this week, the format and way of our mission has changed. We will no longer be spending very much time contacting in the streets or knocking doors like the past. Now it is working only with members, inactives, & less actives. How SWEET is that. The President said, we are changing our way of thinking from “missionary work” to “the work of salvation” I am sooooo excited for this new way to work 🙂
We had a lesson with our Recent Converts, the Luna Fernandez family this week that was so great! They are so wonderful and want to do everything to progress in the gospel. Hno. Eduardo said… “Just you wait, I am going to be the Bishop, then Stake President, then I am gonna be sent to Utah to be one of the leaders of the church” I was laughing and smiling, so grateful for this family. The joy missionary work brings to my life and so many others. This is the Lord’s time and I am SO happy that I am here to be doing this work 🙂
2 Quotes this week about attitude:
“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives”  -William James
“We cannot direct the wind, but we can change the sails”-Thomas S. Monson
Counting Blessings: MICROWAVES!!!! We now have one in our apartment :)))) The best.
I wish the best to Chelsea Olson as she heads off to Argentina to serve the Lord on Wednesday!!!! 🙂 She is an incredible example to me and I am so excited for her to have the opportunity to serve. May God Bless You Chelsea and how lucky is Uruguay to have you there to bring them the gospel. Enjoy it, live it up :)!!!!
-Elder Swenson




About elderswenson

Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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