With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

Yupp, that is right. My title is the quote from Spiderman. 🙂
Let me just tell you, this week was a doozie! We had a great week once again with less actives and giving priesthood blessings. We gave one to a lady in our ward named Hermana Lety who had a bunch of problems with vision, her heart, etc. But yesterday at church she bore her testimony and she said “After the missionaries gave me a blessing, I have never felt better in my life. Before, I was afraid to walk in the street because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to see well, but here I am, better than ever. I know without a doubt that the priesthood is real.”
What an incredible woman and story. She told me and my companion, “I am so scared that Elder Swenson is going to leave before it’s my turn to feed the missionaries. Elder Swenson has a very special spirit about him, he is so different and I can tell that he is very close to God.” WOW, I was shocked. What a compliment, I will never forget that!
“First I was afraid I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live…” This week we were walking and seriously MY LEG ALMOST GOT BITTEN OFF BY A DOG!!!!! I saw the dog on the chain running at me but I couldn’t move, I was SO scared. My companion said ELDER! Grabbed me and pulled me away. Seriously an inch away from his jaws locked on my leg. SO SCARY!!! hahahah!
This week we also had a conference with Elder Valenzuela of the Seventy. It was INCREDIBLE! The spirit was SO strong and I will never ever forget the feeling that I felt being in that room. He truly taught me so much about what this mission is all about. Something that stuck out to me was a story his wife told us. It went something like this… “There was this Eagle Flying Academy that was rated top in the nation. Every eagle that graduated came out of the school knowing how to fly. The chickens who lived a couple miles from the school REALLY wanted to go to the school to learn to fly. They asked their mother and she said that she would love to send them to the school. Believe it or not… the chickens had graduated and had learned how to fly. And after their graduation, guess what they did? They walked home…” Why is it that after we “learn to fly” (something amazing happens in our lives, we learn something new and start on a new journey and return to what we knew before…”). She related this to missionaries returning home from their missions. Some lose all that they learn and walk instead of fly. I loved this comparison and will always remember this when I return home when the time comes. 
On Thursday night I got a call from the Zone Leaders… Well…. I am going to be a trainer!!!!!!!! I am FREAKING OUT. So many emotions! SO EXCITED and SO NERVOUS! We had a training meeting on Saturday and the President said that he trained after 5 WEEKS in the field… He is a HUGE example that I can do this. 🙂 I am so called, “pregnant” and will have my “son” tomorrow at the change meeting… To add on to the training, I will be opening an area… I am headed out of Xicotencatl/Apizaco and will be moved to a new area where I will have not a clue of where anything is. I am truly just so excited and will probably be laughing a lot in the first couple weeks. hahaha 🙂 I know God has a plan for each of us and especially for his missionaries. I am putting all I have into this work and to bring a new missionary into the world of missionary work. I am so grateful and blessed for this opportunity. 🙂
Counting Blessings:
The leaders of this church. I also was picked to have an interview with Elder Valenzuela. What an incredible experience it was to have a one on one time with one of the called leaders of the church, to ask me how I am doing and what I am learning in this mission! I know that the leaders of the church are called of God!
Wait for it… the big surprise………. EDITH CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am so glad I got to leave bearing my testimony to this ward and to look in the audience and see Edith sitting there. I am going to miss this area so much.
-Elder Swenson 

Hermano Cedillo teaches Zumba and this is their Zumba pose. 



Last district meeting before Eric’s transfer. He is the only one being transferred this time.



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