Resurgimiento & Directions

What a week this was :))))))

I have a lot to say and absolutely no time to say it so I will make this quick 🙂
Leaving Xicotencatl was really difficult, I love the members so much and wish for the best with them. They will ALWAYS hold a very special place in my heart. ❤
MY GREENIE: Elder Dena, 23 years old, from San Luis Rio Colorado, Sanora. (The same state as Elder Leon) He actually knows a lot of English and we can have conversations in English, it is GREAT! He wants to work hard, we get along SUPER well, and I am just so grateful for this opportunity to train him and have this experience. He is super patient with everything and he is just awesome. 
Our new area is Resurgimiento. It is in Puebla 🙂 (Yupp, I am finally here) It is a small area so it has been pretty easy to learn, but the funny thing is we will ask one person where an address is and they will give us directions and then 30 seconds later we ask somebody different and they will give us different directions. hahahhah It cracks me up 🙂 We are in the central part of Puebla, bordering the South mission. (Yeah… if we go out of our area it’s not just the area, it is outside of the mission) The members are awesome and so loving for the missionaries. It breaks my heart because some of the members have said… “We are SO happy to see you missionaries, we haven’t had missionaries in our home for about a year” The area was closed to missionaries for a short time, so we are “opening” this area. We have had a lot of success and are just ready to work 🙂 I am so grateful and blessed for this opportunity to serve the Lord. I couldn’t ask for a better time in my life.
Counting Blessings: WATER!!!!!!!! People in the US have NO idea about water problems…. in our house we only have water from 6 am to 1 pm… and on Friday’s and Sunday’s we have no water at all… Our boiler doesn’t work so we take bucket showers and use a water heater. BHAHAHAH! This is the mission 🙂 Thankfully we are moving houses hopefully this week. But seriously running water is such a blessing 🙂
-Elder Swenson

 Elder Swenson and his greenie, Elder DenaImage


About elderswenson

Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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