So you know in Finding Nemo when Dory pronounces escape as “eskapay” Well, she was speaking Spanish..

ALSO!!!!!!!! Guess what…. We fo sho, had a rat, in our apartment… (Mom, I put videos up on shutterfly) IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO GROSSSS!!!!!!! Just put the videos on the blog so that I don’t have to describe the horrible, nasty, terrifying experience.. hahhah! 🙂
Well on a serious note, we had some incredible success here in Resurgimiento!!!!
I will first tell you about Francisca-
She is a sister of a less active and she is dying for baptism. She has taken the lessons before but her problem is she lives in Tampico and comes here to Puebla when her husband is working so she was deciding on where she wanted to be baptized and if it would be a problem to have it here. She knows it all, and she has a testimony of all of it. The problem is we put her date for the 30th of March… thinking she would come to churchyesterday, but she didn’t come. What a bummer… But we will see when she is going back to Tampico and see if she will be baptized with us or in Tampico. Either way, she is a WONDERFUL woman who has a strong testimony of the gospel and it doesn’t matter where she gets baptized as long as she makes this covenant with her Father in Heaven.
She is an inactive and we go around this area with names and addresses of the members and visit them. She has bronchitis and she told us with tears in her eyes… “I am so glad that God heard my prayer” She prayed the night before to have the priesthood in her home to give her a blessing. We arrived at her house the next day, without guidance. I KNOW that God leads and guides his missionaries to where they need to be. She said she will come to church when she has recovered fully 🙂
Another blessing experience with Hno. Longinos. We arrived at his house with him and his grand-daughter. She had BAD pink eye and he asked for us to give her a blessing. We went to his house yesterday and he said that she didn’t have any signs the next day and it was all cleared up, only by the priesthood can miracles be done. I have a STRONG testimony of the priesthood and its power.
I love this area, it is full of humble people, who really need hard working, loving missionaries in their ward. They are so loving and truly want to help us with the work. I love this mission, with all of my heart.
Counting Blessings:
THE GIFT OF TONGUES… Sorry that I have not shared this earlier. OH MY GOSH! IT IS REAL! I know for a fact that the only way I learned spanish so fast was through the power of God. I haven’t shared this but for the past 3 months until now, I can understand every conversation and can always say what I want to say. I have truly become fluent in spanish, but still have TONS to learn about it. I know that I was called to preach the gospel in the Spanish language for a reason. 🙂
-Elder Swenson
Downtown Puebla



Puebla at night



Wall art in Puebla


Eric taking out the rat. He carried the box to the corner. See next post to view video of the release if you choose.



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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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