My Grandad

Well this week… We lost one of the most incredible people I have EVER known. My Grandad 🙂 

I will just write my journal entry for the 28th of March.
“During our Family Home Evening with Hna. Francisca I got a call from the President. He said to me “I was looking at my schedule and I have some time to talk with you 2 at 9 oclock, Can you meet me at the church? I knew from the second he said that something was up. 1st we talked a little. Then he said I have some sad news for you Elder… Your grandpa passed away. I burst into tears and said “I knew it.” He continued to counsel me and give me support. Told me to remember the Plan of Salvation, he is closer than you know, the spirit world is VERY close to here, the ministering of angels is real. He said “Your grandfather knows more what you are doing here than he did yesterday” Then he offered to give me a blessing… This will remain one of the most spiritual moments of my life. “Eric, your grandfather will be with you here in the work of the Lord. He will counsel you, guide you in every step, (holding back tears) he said… You will hear his voice and he will be on your side to help you through this trial, he loves you, he will never leave you.” I know he is in a better place, the best place. He is doing the EXACT same work as Alison and I. He is teaching the gospel. I know I will see Grandad again. I know that with my Father in Heaven I can do anything. He will be next to me on one side, with Grandad on the other. I love you Grandad. I will never ever forget you or your example to me. I will make you proud, I promise.  I love you Grandad, I will miss you everyday until I see you again.
I ended my journal with a list of things I learned from Grandad.
I will share just a few of them.
How to love… from the heart and show it through word and action.
How to be a hard worker, work is never done. That anything is possible with your 2 bare hands. 
How to be a Father, one of the best Fathers, Grandfathers, Great Grandfathers this world has ever known.
Never grow old, always stay young.
How to be a man.
Never give up.
To be humble.
To bear testimony, with example. He had one of the strongest testimonies I have ever known.
Go to the temple, no matter how far.
Do what is right.
Support your family with all you got.
Serve others.
The best time is family time.
Never fear, nothing is impossible.
Those are just a few.
I love you Grandad 🙂 I pray for the family, that they are all well and they have been comforted like I have. Alison and I have made a pact to work that much harder, to make Grandad proud.
Te amo
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: 1st, my Grandad. This email is dedicated to him. Another incredible piece of information is my cousin, Elder Spencer Olsen was HERE in Resurgimiento!!! I am following his footsteps. Members talk highly of their love for him. I am honored to be serving in Puebla Mexico just like my cousin… But even better to be serving in the same area as him. Love you Spence. 🙂
 Eric with his grandad and maman at his high school graduation.

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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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