A Tribute to my Mommy


Well, for my mom I needed to write a little something to wish her a happy mother’s day!
T-Talented in every way
R-Radiates love
I-Incredibley smart
S-Super Caring
A-Amazing Cook (Oh how I miss her food)
S-Saves the day when it needs saving 🙂
W-Welcoming to every person she meets
E-Everyone is important to her
N-Nobody compares to her
S-Stands up for what she believes in
O-One in a million
N-Never missed a concert (she has supported me in EVERY single thing I have ever done)
I know that this is what little kids do, but hey, I am a little kid at heart 😉 Mom, thank you so much for all that you have done for me. No words describe how much I love you and appreciate everything that you have done for me. You make me so happy and I am so proud to be your son. I love you, and will always look up to you. I will always be your little boy and your son. ❤
SO! Crazy stuff happened this week… Popocatapetl (the volcano here) rained ash on Puebla… It was insane. Now, they are saying the danger of it exploding is at a level 3 and if it goes up anymore… they are going to start evacuating!!!! WHAT!?!?!? Craziness. I hope that everything will be okay 🙂
Received a VERY interesting phone call on Saturday from the assistants… “Hey Elder Swenson, just wanted to give you and your comp some news, are you sitting down?… YOU ARE BOTH GOING TO BE TRAINING!” (I thought SWEET, but changes aren’t for another 2 weeks, we are only in the 10th week of Elder Dena’s 12 week training) They said, “We need you in the offices on Monday and your changes are on Tuesday! They are American missionaries as well. Elder Swenson you will be moving areas to Alamos (next door and there will be 4 missionaries there) and Elder Dena, you will stay in Resurgimiento!” This was an insane call and I get my new companion tomorrow! Not gonna lie I am going to miss Elder Dena my “son” so much. I have loved this time with him. I will also miss Resurgimiento so much. I have loved loved loved it here. I don’t wanna go… 😦 hahaha! Here we go again, I am training again! We will see where this takes me 🙂
I think that is it for the crazy week.
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: New Opportunities, and my mother 🙂

Car with ash from the volcano


After Eric scored a goal (2 that game)


 With the Primary children in Resurgimiento

About elderswenson

Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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