I’m Gonna Be an Uncle!!!

Seriously, I have known for a while now but my sister has now told everyone and now I can FINALLY TALK ABOUT IT :))))) 

I am sooooooooooo happy and so so so so so so so excited to be an Uncle! I pray that I can be the Uncle that I have always wanted to be. This is going to be the best opportunity and I am just freaking out each and every second that I think about it. 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS to my wonderful lovely sister and her husband Zak. I am so happy for them seriously, there is no way to describe my happiness 🙂 ALSO! I am really really sorry but I didn’t mention my brother in law. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am glad that you had an awesome time and I just love you a lot and thank you for all you do for me and my family! 🙂 I cannot wait to see you as a Father, you are going to be amazing. I LOVE YOU BOTH! SO EXCITED!
Now, onto the seriousness of this week.
I am going to tell you about Aurelia 🙂
When I got to Alamos (my area) I met a recent convert of a week, Hermana Aurelia, who is 80 years old. She has many children and only one of them is a member of the church. Her daughter, Victoria just was waiting for the day for her mother to accept the gospel… She was baptized happy as could be and with the most amazing spirit that overcame her. Imagine, 80 years old. She was just so happy. After this I want to say we visited Hna. Aurelia about 6 times. She started off from the first time I saw her walking and talking. She is very hard of hearing and so the missionaries had a lot of patience teaching her. Anyway, she quickly went down hill right when we got to the area. Every time we visited her it got worse from not being able to walk very well, to receiving incurable cancer, to not being able to walk without help, to not being able to walk at all or needed help to even sit up. This Wednesday I felt a VERY strong impression to go visit Hna. Aurelia. We went at about 3:30 and Hna. Aurelia was sleeping but talking as well. We talked to Victoria, the daughter, and she was saying Aurelia talks to her aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, and even her husband. But she said she couldn’t see her husband because it was not time to see her husband. Hna. Victoria continued to talk to us saying, my mother is not doing well and basically waiting until God takes her to His presence. She was saying, my mother has done all that she needs to do here in this life. Then Elder Blanding went to the bathroom… Here is where it happens. Hna. Victoria went over to the bed and what I thought at first was waking her up to say hi to the missionaries. But “Mami Mami” turned into panic. She told me she wasn’t breathing. Hna. Aurelia was taken away with me there with her. We said a prayer for the family with them and I was just so shocked. Nothing really compares to having somebody pass away IN YOUR PRESENCE. This woman was incredible, they even asked me to speak about Life after Death and the Plan of Salvation at her funeral. It was a very wonderful service. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to know this wonderful woman. It is crazy how QUICKLY life can change, in a matter of minutes. Elder Blanding goes to the bathroom and comes back and Hna. Aurelia had passed on. This life is incredible, let us live each moment to the fullest. 
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Sorry I don’t have much more time to update you on the week. This was the most important.
Te amo!
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: My brother in law Zak 🙂 
Eric with his District



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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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