The Classic Rip in the Pants

I am pretty sure that the majority of the people that know me have seen me rip my pants so I am sure this is no surprise.

So… on Saturday after Vivian’s baptism I thought it would be fun to test my strength and put Elder Dena on my back and do some squats… To make the story more interesting the Hermanas, Elder Blanding, and Elder Cather were behind us talking. I did one squat and came back up showing my superhuman strength. Went down for another one and POP! (yes i said pop, not rip) My pants POPPED/RIPPED! Oh my gosh, It was SOOOOOOOOO funny and I just died. This only happens to me, I swear…

 SO… we had Vivian’s baptism Saturday!!!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Lucia and Lupita (investigators) came and loved it. They should be next :))) It was a beautiful service and I got to baptize Vivian. Truly incredible feeling in the waters of baptism. Kind of interesting… Vivian’s mother was baptized in a font with water and white rose petals and Vivan wanted the same. SO I entered the rose petal water. NEVER heard of nor seen this before so it was interesting. Elder Blanding confirmed her yesterday! So amazing.


This week we received 5 new investigators and they are absolutely awesome! Miguel, Thomas, Helen, Olga, and Jose! I am REALLY excited to see where they all go!

 So as a gospel principles class the teacher taught fasting last week. She asked the class what they wanted to fast for. Since EVERYONE in the class was less actives returning to church I suggested fasting for strength to stay active and for those still less active to return as well as investigators in church. They loved it and we did it… Yesterday we had 28 less actives in our ward… People I have been teaching since I got here and I have NEVER seen their faces in church were there. It was incredible. Lupita came to church! And our new investigator Helen! SO COOL. Really sad about Lucia, she wouldn’t test her faith and come to church for an hour and leave her candy stand outside her house. SO frustrating! BUT she still has 2 Sundays to come before the baptismal date for her and Lupita on the 10th of August. (Granddad’s birthday 🙂 I think that will be a great birthday present if it happens.


SO. The taekwando world tournament was SO AWESOME! I have never heard so many languages in one place. I was just so amazed at the sport of taekwondo as well. It really is awesome! I felt so privileged to be there while on a mission. I LOVED it and had a wonderful time.

 That is all for today. I love you all so much! Thank you for alllllllll you do!

 Te amo,

Elder Swenson

Counting Blessings: HADLEY NICOLE WEINER TUNDED 20 TODAY! I love her with all my heart and is one of the BIGGEST blessings ever. She has been a huge part of the person I am today. I love you so much Had, miss you a ton, and hope you have an amazing bday!

Pioneer day is this week! I LOVE THE PIONEERS and all that they did so that this gospel would fill the earth. Come, Come Ye Saints will always be one of my favorite hymns.











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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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