When life gets too hard to STAND…

KNEEL in prayer.

This little quote has just been a quote that has completely helped me in my mission and throughout life. Sometimes we feel like the burdens are to many, that we aren’t progressing, that nobody listens to us when we need them, but there is always somebody who listens if we come to him in prayer, our Father in Heaven.
SOOO! This weeks update is pretty simple.
I had divisions with Elder Miller. This missionary is the absolute best. We laughed throughout the day so much and he just truly understands his purpose here as a missionary. He is from Utah, and he was on the Harvard Basketball Team before he came out here on the mission. I am really grateful for him and his leadership qualities. I hope one day I can be companions with Elder Miller because there is never a dull moment with him. Hahahah!
We had an incredible lesson with the Castillo family this week :))))They are a family of 5 investigators. We were going to teach the doctrine of the Great Apostacy and Christ’s ministry here on the earth, but it hit me so hard that we needed to talk and share scriptures about baptism. The family had expressed to us that through us teaching them they have grown closer to God and that they have seen miracles happen in their lives. The Mother (Blanca) expressed to us with tears streaming down her face that she had been praying SO hard that her son who left the house about 2 years ago would return and this past week he came back. She thanked us for helping her increase her faith and to trust in God that He can do miracles in our lives. We talked about baptism and invited them to be baptized. Hermano Julio told us that every religion expresses the importance of baptism and that they really want to know if this is what they need to do so they are gonna pray about it. I know that this family will be baptized, I don’t know if it will happen while I am here but they are so prepared. I love them a lot, it also helps that after EVERY lesson they bring out a bunch of food 😉 hahaha!
Today, we went to Cacaxtla with a bunch of cool historic stuff 🙂 PYRAMIDS! It was so beautiful and truly an awesome experience 🙂 I hope you like the pictures 🙂
We also had another Mexican Independance Party this week. I had a SICK bowtie on 😉
Well, on a serious note. I dunno if you all know but there are a TON of floods here because of Hurricane’s in Mexico and it is really affecting the lives of people here. My trainer Elder Muñoz has no idea what is happening with his family. Please pray for him and his family. And all of the lives being affected by these natural disasters. 
Also… I got some big news… My new release date is August 16th. The day after my 2 years, and the day before my lovely mother’s birthday. So crazy….
Te amo mucho!
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: The absolutely awesome nature beauties on the earth… hahahah! 🙂
At Mexican Independence celebration





With Elder Stott
Still excavating this pyramid

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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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