Faith Leads to Action

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Hiiiiiieee Everybody 🙂

I just wanted to title my email with what I thought was the “theme” of general conference. 
All of the leaders, apostles, and our beloved prophet talked about faith in one way or another and that we need to ACT. That is what faith is… Faith without works is dead.
Before I go on my General Conference rant of what I LOVED 🙂 I will talk about this week a little.
First off, I got some AMAZING letters on Wednesday from some people who I love so much.
My dear Maman, the last letter from SISTER Alison Jones, Madison Koelliker!!!, Liz Nolden!!!,
Bryan Webster!, and my sweet cousin Ginny Weasley… uhh I mean Olsen 😉 (It was a postcard so I don’t have an address to write back to, can you get that for me?)
Now… This week was basically me living in Hell… 😦 It was not fun.
I started off on Sunday with a small cough, that Monday turned into a sore throat. Tuesday led me to a nasty swollen throat and bad cough, as we walked to our lunch appointment I was wheezing and I really felt like I was dying. During the whole lunch time I took FOREVER to eat my food because I couldn’t swallow it. Bahahahah funniest part was the prayer, my companion was praying and my wheezing had this high pitch noise that came out of my lungs… bahhaha! we ended the prayer and Hermana Dominguez was saying “What is that high pitched noise?” and her son Jonathan said “It is the Elder… he is super sick” BAHAHAHHAH! It was so funny.
After this we went to the doctor and I got some pills. My wheezing calmed down.
Wednesday I really felt bad, we walked and I felt like I was breathing through a straw. It was bad. I felt like the kid in the wheelchair from Malcom in the Middle who takes like 5 breaths in one sentence…
Thursday I woke up and WOW! Everything hurt. We didn’t go out to work… 😦 this was the WORST. I hated staying in bed drinking water EVERY SECOND trying to get rid of my cough and wheezing. I didn’t sleep AT ALL. It was just really bad… 😦
Friday, I felt fine sitting down and wouldn’t wheeze, but when I would stand up it was like ALL air just left my body and I was struggling to breathe. It was really scary, like every second an asthma attack or something. We didn’t go out again because I could’t walk… 😦 Hermano Ivan brought me an inhaler and I started to feel SO much better Friday at about 9 pm. JUST IN TIME FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE! That is what I was praying for… to get better in time to enjoy and listen to conference. I am happy to say that I am doing SO great now, I enjoyed conference without to much pain. I really am getting back to normal and can breathe well again 🙂 Thanks to the power of the priesthood as well and a companion who gave me a blessing, I was able to make it through 🙂
Just a few of the billion that I love…
Ulisses Soares- Talked about controlling your temper, being calm, and avoiding contention… this was written for me…  hahhahahh!
Edward Dube!- “Never look back, look at what you have to do.” “The past is supposed to be looked upon, not lived in”
I LOVE PRESIDENT UCHTDORF! Here are just a few of the many quotes I loved from his talks.
“Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”
“Our destiny is not determined by how many times we fall, but by how many times we get up”
Jeffrey R. Holland… incredible talk, truly inspired. “God’s love is ALWAYS there, whether we deserve it or not”
Richard J. Maynes- “Be the rock that the river cannot wash away.”
Elder Valenzuela is the one that I had an interview with here in the mission, he is an incredible man 🙂 “Reach out with faith and love”
Last but not least. President Thomas S. Monson “Don’t dwell on the lacking, count the many blessings”
“In the best of times, or the worst of times, He (Our Father in Heaven) is with us.”
WOW! What an incredible conference and to end this email I have to repeat the words of Richard J. Maynes… in reference to saying that we cannot watch a basketball game on TV to get in shape… “We cannot get our testimonies in shape by watching General Conference on Television.” 
This is it guys, it is time to live what we have learned.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Have an incredible week 🙂
Te amo
Elder Swenon
Counting Blessings: That through all the trials we face in life, if we push on and push forward, we can conquer all of them 🙂

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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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One Response to Faith Leads to Action

  1. Chalice Lundquist says:

    I could not stop thinking about you the week before General Conference! Now I know why! Conference was the best ever. How wonderful to know we can look forward to hearing exactly what the Lord wants us to know twice every year from the mouths of our prophets! I love it. Of course we also have the great blessing of the church news and magazines but there is something so wonderful about watching them speak to us. We love you Eric and pray for you often.

    Love, the Lundquist Family

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