Feliz Día De Muertos & Happy Halloween :

Well, this week was Dia de Muertos and Halloween here in Mexico. It is crazy because they go out trick or treating for 3 DAYS! Bahahahah! It is a crack up to me.

There is a lot of culture to this holiday (just a few… an altar with pictures of family members who have passed on with the famous “pan de muerto” (dead bread) and more food, a line of flower petals that lead their dead to their homes) It is VERY interesting to see all this. I will miss seeing that in Mexico next year. 😦
This week was INCREDIBLE! Seriously I am just SO happy, I realized so many times where I would just be smiling for no reason and I am so grateful to be here. Time goes by too fast.
We painted a room in the Hurtado home and it was an absolute blast 🙂 They are such a great family and there is nothing like doing service!
We contacted this guy named Enrique who is GOLDEN I tell you. He was asking what I call Joseph Smith questions… “why are there SO many churchs in the world, why can there not be ONE answer and ONE church for everyone…” GOOD NEWS BUDDY! There is one true church and I am PLEASED to share this message with you about how and why this church is true. It was AWESOME!
My favorite part of this week was yesterday in testimony meeting. One kid went up to the stand to bear her testimony and then one by one the little ones would pop out of their seats and run to the stand and made a line of about 10 kids who shared their testimonies one after another. My favorite was Dana Hurtado. She said these words… “We each need to fill our lamps with oil, and be prepared for when the Savior comes again” This brought tears to my eyes because we taught their family about the parable of the 10 virgins this week and how our “oil” is the good acts that we do and keeping the commandments brings us closer to our Father in Heaven and that we can be prepared with our lamps full when the Savior comes again. It made me see that no matter who I am teaching, even the 10 year olds can obtain a stronger testimony and that this time that I have here is not going to waste. I LOVED hearing this and seeing the true understanding of such an important principle.
I am just, so so blessed.
Te amo!
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: ALL the missionaries in the world. Today we had a Zone Activity and we went on a hike. We were all talking after and we were all having SO much fun and laughing so hard together. I love the people I have met here, especially the many missionaries who have become such great friends of mine.
Also the example of my best friends serving in the world. I am so happy for them.
Eric’s Titanic picture on Zone outing
Eric with Elders that he says “Could be my brothers”
Eric’s apartment, bedroom, kitchen (notice the clean dishes), study room

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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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