Nobody Said it Would Be Easy

WOW! What a WEEK 🙂

So this week I had divisions with another area, and I was with Elder Gomez. We also went to 2 district meetings… It was a fun day, contacted a bunch, had a bunch of lessons with active members, and had a good time together.
Question for Elders/Sisters that are serving, my buddies 🙂 Are you also teaching active members constantly or this is just a Mexico thing!? Also, family you can respond by saying how often you receive a visit from the Elders serving in our ward?…
Oh. My. Goodness. FRIDAY WAS SO AWESOME! We (as Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders) every month have a meeting in the Presidents house. We get Sister Christensen’s homemade cooking and boy was I a happy camper. YUMMY French Toast (the way sister christensen made it was different, and so delishhhh) and Homemade Chicken Bakes (like Costco) It was SO GOOD! 🙂 Made up for no Thanksgiving, just a tad bit.
We learned that as leaders we have a higher call. We are not better than the other missionaries, but we have an assignment and a big responsibility.
We now have a higher call, to be more like Christ. To motivate, inspire, bless, and love the Elders and Sisters we serve. The meeting was so full of the Spirit. I learned so much and this email can go on forever about the things I learned.
Sunday was one of the best days ever… I got to stand in the circle to bless Baby Emma Salado Juarez. ALL of Hermano Jesus’ family came. (They come from all different types of religions.) I bore my testimony that day, I really wanted them to hear it. I love the Salado’s seriously they are so great. We (the 4 missionaries in the ward, 2 sisters, Elder Chan and I) taught the Young Mens and Young Womens class. We taught them “How to share the gospel” We always say how important it is, but as kids and teens… how do you do it? Nobody really explains that part. It was so fun! 🙂
Basically, the title explains a lot about what we feel as missionaries. Sometimes we think, “Why is this so hard?” “I cannot do these things, I am too scared” The list of excuses and complaints go ON and ON. But, who said that this would be easy… Nobody.
I am so blessed to be a missionary, there is no better time. The things I am learning here will bless my life forever. I honestly cannot explain my gratitude and love for this gospel. Through the ups and downs, I am the happiest I have ever been. 🙂 This is me, living my dream.
Te amo!
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: Pictures, they mean a thousand words.
Eric with his trainer and another elder from his family.

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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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One Response to Nobody Said it Would Be Easy

  1. Elder Swenson (2) says:

    Hey man! Dude we have the same name now! How weird is that?
    We are also teaching a lot of active members! Apparently, it’s the best way to do missionary work. Get them excited, let them feel the spirit, and they’ll bring their friends into the fold.

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