16 going on 17 :)

Yesterday I completed 16 months here in the mission field 🙂 I am in shock at how time truly is flying. I hate it… hahah!
This week was a pretty busy week. We had to fill out a bunch of forms for the Zone and we had a meeting with the stake president and Pres. Christensen. We found a GOLDEN investigator who I feel will progress instantly. Her name is Maria de Lourdes. She has had a rough life and has said that she NEEDS to grow closer to God. She said that she feels we were a blessing from God to her and that we are the way she will grow closer to God. It was incredible to see the imediate change of feeling/opinion when she really realized that God loves her, that he has a body of flesh and bones, and that He knows her perfectly, inside and out. The spirit was so strong. Putting this into practice (the things I learned last week) has changed this work and changed my life. At the end she said, I feel a peace and feel so calm. SO AWESOME! 🙂
I went to the temple on Saturday and there was no better feeling in the world. I was just so full of peace and left with a complete change of heart and feeling and outlook on this life I am living. There were A TON of people there. 40 sealings in ONE DAY! I am guessing it will get worse next week. Temple closes in January. I was just so blessed to go to the temple. It is the house of the Lord. 
When we were in line for our tickets to Mexico FRANSISCO (baptism from a year ago 🙂 my buddy!) came up and said he would be driving the bus. FREE TICKETS! We were right up front with him… now comes the scary part. We talked with him on the way and as we were getting in to Mexico of course there was a bunch of traffic. He started to brake and then the brakes went out. THIS GIANT CHARTER BUS HAD NO WAY TO STOP GOING 35 MPH (maybe more). It was so scary to see this all up front. We crashed into a car and BOOM shattered class flies up. Then hit about 3 other cars and got off to the side. The only car with damage was the first one but everyone was okay. The bus, the cars. It was a huge blessing. The crazy thing is there was a combi FUUL of people that Fransisco dodged at the first second (should have been the first impact)… I am sure if he would have hit them something bad would have happened. 
This week was full of events that changed my life… hahaha! 🙂
I am super sad to announce that Elder Chan is leaving here and will not be my comp. He is such a great Elder and such a great friend. I truly have learned so much from him. 🙂 
I love you all so dearly.
Te amo,
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: The Piano Guys. I love listening to them. hahah!
Eric and Elder Chan at the Mexico City Temple

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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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