SO, it is kind of tradition in the mission to take a one dollar bill and on the back it says in white capital letters THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. For each month of the mission you color one in. I have gotten down to just America this past week. SO CRAZY 🙂

I am truly just so happy to be here in the  mission and I think about this every single day. It has changed my life COMPLETELY! Truly, I don’t think anyone realizes how much I love this gospel and this church. Though we all make mistakes, repentance is there to lift us up off the ground and improve and change. This brings me so much peace.

This week was so great 🙂 Some trials and stumbles, but all in all, I have learned so much. 

I had a great time teaching Gael and Oswaldo English on Saturday. They came with their Dad (Oswaldo Sr.) and WOW these kids know English pretty darn well for being 5 and 9. After this we gave them a church tour 🙂 It was so amazing when we walked into the room with the baptismal font. Oswaldo Sr. and Jr. LIT UP! You could see the light in their eyes. It was just so cool 🙂 We will now be teaching them after English lessons 🙂

We had a training meeting with the President as a Zone. He invited us to repent and actually do what Pres. Johnson asked us to do about a month ago. It was really a moment of reflection and I truly looked into my heart to see what my true desire is on my mission and what I am doing to bring the gospel to God’s children. I truly loved it. We should feel “Godly sorrow” when we have done something wrong. It is the first step to repentance but when we actually make that change and do what we need to do, the peace and determination come. It was so awesome! 🙂

We have made a study calendar for all the members and we are meeting with all active families so that they can do the small and simple things to receive a true conversion (prayer, scripture study, FHE, and church attendance). We will begin to see the results this week I hope 🙂

I truly am just really happy with the success. We haven’t seen Guadalupe this week, but we are praying for her and her fam. The Cabrera family is progressing incredibly! They just didn’t come to church yesterday… idk why… 😦 Also, Jesus has his plans to get married this week and then he can be baptized 🙂 I really hope and pray this happens… They all need your prayers. Thank you so much!

This is reality 🙂

Te amo,
Elder Swenson

Counting Blessings: Ghirardelli Brownies! 🙂 I made them with the DeGante family!!!! SO YUMMY! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I missed them so much. 😉

Eric with the finished product.



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