I would like to tell you about Toñita, one amazing woman who I love and admire.

Toñita is Diego’s mom. (Diego is the baptism I had last change)
From the moment I met Toñita last year the first time I was here I knew she was special, but my second time here I have really gotten to know who Toñita is. 🙂
I will just say that Toñita is one of the stongest women I have ever met, she has had many struggles, hits, and blows. Nothing has dragged her down though.
She is a single mother of 3 boys. The father plays a part but truly hasn’t really helped at all.
Donovan, one of the sons, has had just about every medical problem on the planet. Diabetic, blood sugar problems, and arhythmia (recently detected) and so much more. She has supported him and helped him through. 
Toñita was recently diagnosed with diabetes as well.
She has been working the family restaurant ALONE for about a month now. 
She is the only member of the church in her family.
Because of problems with her ex husband, he has accused her of brainwashing her kids into hating their father. They have been going to psychological treatments and therapy for about a month now, she and her boys. They have recently said if things don’t get better they will take the kids from her and put them into foster care. This is so unjust and it is all because of the ex’s drama.
There has been some cases of people kidnapping kids and gutting them and putting them in trash bags. (2 occasions) in the community of where Hna. Toñita lives. She is worried and freaking out. Yesterday we went to her home and she was very nervous. We blessed her home, gave donovan a blessing, and Hna. toñita a blessing as well. I am amazed. This woman has changed my life truly. We need to count our blessings and life through our trials like Toñita does. She continues with a smile and her same funny self through all this.
Some highlights of the week: My comp got permission to teach the YM and YW a dance in a week to perform on Saturday at an activity. They danced to “La Bamba” with a Veracruz step. They got second place!! I also learned the steps!!!!!!!!:) it was sweeeeeet! Hno. Alfredo (the less active that is returning to church, zumba instructor) put on ZUMBA to warm up. SOOOOOOO I DID ZUMBA this week. hahahha! 🙂 I miss dancing SO MUCH!
Anyway. Gotta go. peace and blessings! 🙂 Happy one month Xander!
Elder Swenson
counting blessings: Divisions. I had 2 divisions this week with Elders. I love learning from every Elder in this mission.

About elderswenson

Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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