Becoming Consecrated

SO! Howdy ya’ll! Thank you so much for your support and love in all things.

SO, the other week, my great friend Sister Gloria Littlefield sent me a talk called “Becoming A Consecrated Missionary” and WOW! It changed my outlook on the mission. Thank you so much Gloria for sending that to me. I really have lots to do here in the 6 months I have left, and it made me really reflect on who I am and who I want to be.

Here are a couple of my favorite parts 🙂

He talks about putting it all on the altar of sacrifice. The things we put on the altar are; Disobedience, Fears, Romantic Passions, PRIDE, & Negativism and Sarcasm. Also throws in that Consecrated Missionaries are extra-milers. I LOVE THIS TALK.

“Whatever the weakness may be that holds us back from becoming a consecrated missionary, the Lord has promised that if we have faith in him, and humble ourselves before him, that he will make weak things become strong unto us (Ether 12:26-27). I believe that. I do not believe there is one missionary whose weaknesses are greater than the potential strengths within him. Why? – because each of us is a son and daughter of God, with his divine nature and divine potential woven into the very fabric of our souls. I do not think the Lord expects immediate perfection of us, but I do believe he expects immediate progress, and with that progress comes consecration. I believe that he recognizes and appreciates every step we take forward, however small it may be, striving to put our whole souls on the altar of sacrifice. At first, consecration may seem like Mt. Everest, unconquerable, unapproachable, unassailable, but every step we take forward, however minute it may seem, furthers our ascent, until one day we have attained the summit.”

 Seriously, I really want to become a consecrated missionary and dedicate this time to Him. This is HIS time, not mine.

 This week was absolutely INCREDIBLE! The Spirit truly guided us in words and action. I seriously just love how much success we have had with our investigators and less actives. WHERE TO START!?

We found a Mom (Guadalupe) and Son (Jesus) on a combi this week. He loved the pass along card of the images of Christ in my hand and was just staring at it, He is 10. They accepted a visit and we went on Friday. We taught that God is Our Loving Heavenly Father and then invited them to be baptized. At first Hna. Guadalupe said no. Then I explained how Jesus Christ was baptized. I will just use some comments from Jesus “Well, yeah. John had the authority because his name was John the BAPTIST!” “Oh, so if you are baptized to be washed from sin… well a baby doesn’t have sin, so they shouldn’t be baptized.” We invited them once more and they said YES!

IVAN PIEDRAS (old investigator from when I was first here… scout leader, spoke english, etc.) CAME TO FIND THE MISSIONARIES AT CHURCH. We had 2 lessons with him and he too has a baptismal date.

We are still working with Elizabeth, Jesus, the Cabrera Family, and Guadalupe (Edith’s mom). The biggest problem is some are not married! UGH! BUT, we will not lose the faith! 🙂 I couldn’t be happier for these guys! THEY NEED YOUR PRAYERS!

Now, Less actives. The Velez family has been inactive for about 2 years. When we went to visit them (3 weeks back) The Ward told us that they would probably never come back and it would be wasting time. We brought Hno. Alfredo with us (HE IS REACTIVATING :)))) and he bore strong testimony of what he has been feeling in his reactivation. Invited them to come to church and they said they would come!!!! 🙂

Baptsim… SO the sisters had a baptism this week. Luis Enrique and Lisvet 🙂 they are so amazing, Luis is 15 (he was baptized on his bday) and Lisvet 13, asked me to baptize her. The water was FREEZING but the spirit was so strong 🙂 I also confirmed her yesterday, seriously the spirit is so strong in confirmations. I receive a greater testimony of it every time. I love baptisms so much!! 🙂

TRULY! Everything was so amazing this week. I cannot even explain it. I know that Our Father in Heaven loves us so much and that we are His children. We can live with Him again. If you have a doubt in this, ask God… with faith if He is there and if He knows you and what you are going through… He will answer your prayer.


Elder Swenson

Counting Blessings: HAPPY BDAYS TO AUNT SHERIDA AND AUNT JULIA!!!! (the 31st of January) I love you both so dearly. You both have had such an influence in the person I am. Miss you both.

Playing American football on P-day.



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