Let me tell you the story about the call that changed my destiny

So… I have some interesting news. On Wednesday I got a call from the Executive Secretary saying “HEY ELDER SWENSON, So President wants to give you the opportunity to go home early to get to school. (in my mind yeah, I know this I am going home on the 16th of August) SO if you want you can go home at the normal time September 3rd or you have to go home the 23rd of July… WAIT WHAT?! I said… WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 16TH!? He said.. Uh yeah that doesn’t exist anymore… 😦 I seriously almost had tears in my eyes. ahhahah! SO I will be home in a little more than 4 months. UNBELIEVABLE.

SOOOOOOOO, happy birthday Hadley, I am your bday present. BAHAHAH! 🙂
No, I have VERY mixed feelings. I want to stay here forever as I am sure you all know. But, I know that when this mission ends I have a bright future ahead of me. I will see Xander 🙂 I just am really really wishy washy. hahahah!
SO! Onto the week.
This week was great. I went to Atempan for divisions and it was really great! 🙂 I found some really awesome members and some who go to Las Vegas all the time. (their daughter lives in Utah) I had a really great day with Elder Gomez from Mexico City,
We had our Leader Council this week in Presidents house. SUCH GOOD FOOD! I swear, I just love love love Sister Christensen’s cooking. We had MEATBALL SUBS 🙂 YUM. I really enjoyed this council. We talked about making the changes we have to make so we can be the BEST servants of God that we need to be. We need to be able to ask and pray for miracles and be truly worthy of receiving God’s blessings. He is obligated to give us blessings if we keep his commandments. He loves us so much and He wants us to be blessed but if we do not do all that is requiered we have no promise. I just know how true this work is. These have been the most amazing moments of my life, and I just want to DEDICATE this time to Him and be able to receive the miracles waiting for this work.
Saturday we had divisions with 2 Hermanos. 
Hno. Aaron and Alan (priest) I went out with Alan and we had SUPER success. My companion as well had a GREAT night! We are so happy and ready to get down to business 🙂 there are people out there who NEED thismessage. Now, we have to share it with them 🙂
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: MY COUSIN CORY GOT HITCHED!!!! 🙂 Congrats Cory and Amanda 🙂 I am so happy for you both.

 Zone leaders of Chiautempan Stake




Eric and Elder Balderston




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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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One Response to Let me tell you the story about the call that changed my destiny

  1. Chalice Lundquist says:

    You are the best Elder Swenson! I have a feeling someday I will be sitting watching General Conference and either see you at the pulpit or hear a story from a convert in Mexico of the “Great White Angel Man” who changed my life forever. You continue to inspire me daily. Much love to you!

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