Thanks fo Him

WELL. This Easter week was super eventful :)… well not really.

The best part was Easter, even though it is SUPER DUPER different here in Mexico.
Number 1 reason: It isn’t really EASTER. (Like bunnies, eggs, etc) there is none of that stuff. hahah!
Number 2 reason: The Catholics go literally insane here in Mexico… There was a procession walking down the street on Friday of “Christ” carrying a cross… they were whipping the two theives next to him too. It was really just… not cool. They said that in Mexico City they literally prepare a man for a whole year physically and they actually crucify him… It. goes. crazy. here. for. “Semana Santa” or Holy Week.
Number 3 reason: there isn’t really an easter program in church.
BUT of all the differences, the meaning is the same. We think of Jesus Christ and we remember all that He did for us. But, the best news we could ever have is that HE LIVES! He died and 3 days later took His body once again with his spirit and He lives. Because of Him, we all will be resurrected. I just love this doctrine, it brings so much peace to know that there is life after death. There is no end to this peace we can feel. It can last eternally, with our families. 🙂
I saw a video this week that EVERY SINGLE ONE of you have to watch. It is short, and it doesn’t matter what religion you are or if you even have a religion, you should watch it. It is really awesome 🙂
Have you watched it!? If not, stop reading and watch it… HAHAHA 🙂
Seriously this week was really great!
We are struggling with finding investigators but we have been working with the less actives and we had 10 of them come to church yesterday!!!! SO AWESOME 🙂 I almost cried of happiness… hahaha!
Something I loved about this week was sacrament meeting. The youth had EFY this week (they do it in stakes and the whole ward youth goes together) They all bore their testimonies of their experiences this past week. It was so amazing to see changed youth. I know that this church focuses so much on the youth because they are our future. Isn’t that so amazing, each generation has differences and similarities but with the advancement in the world these days, the youth continue to amaze me and I just love what I got to hear yesterday.
I got to remember my EFY days and I just remembered so many experiences and so many wonderful people who I love so much.
Well, that is all for now. I LOVE YOU ALL! Remember who you all are. Children of God, who loves you, and needs you. If we trust in Him, He will guide our paths.
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: the movie theatre 🙂 YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS! Right now I am going to THE MOVIES!!!!! That is UNHEARD OF for a missionary. But there is a movie here in Mexico, I dunno if it is there in the US called “Hijo de Dios” or Son of God. President and his wife saw it and gave us permission. I’ll tell you more about this next week 🙂 COOL HUH!? 
Painting that Eric traded a couple of weeks ago for his CTR ring.

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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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