Can you believe that we are into the single digits of WEEKS left?!?! … 😦 I don’t like this. But I read something this week that helped calm me down a little to help me feel more ready for change. THESE 9 WEEKS WILL BE AMAZING!

This Friday Elder Benjamin De Hoyos came to our mission. WOW was this absolutely incredible!!! We talked a LOT about the Book of Mormon. That if we want to have faith… not only faith… but faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement… where do we go? The Book of Mormon. He told us to challenge our investigators to mark every time it says Jesus Christ, Christ, Lord, etc. in the Book of Mormon and you will find it on almost every single page. You cannot tell me that this Book does not testify of Christ, it really is another testament of HIM. 🙂
He asked us to think about “What things if we did them well, or better, for a sufficient amount of time, would help us to baptize every week?” (This is the goal for the mission and all Mexico right now) 
He gave us some clues.
“Our attitude is our best friend or worst enemy”
He taught us to ask our investigators to invite someone to our next lesson, not just say “hey do you know anyone who would like to listen to us?” He said this is the key to finding and teaching 🙂
It was SO great to hear from the future President of the Mexico Area this week 🙂 He is a representative of Christ for sure.
Our lessons were AWESOME THIS WEEK 🙂 We taught Manuela and Jose Luis and they are “very faithful to the Catholic church” but “willing to listen and learn” the spirit was strongly felt throughout the lesson. We will teach them tonight 🙂 Woo hoo!!! 
This week was great and a lot of fun 🙂
I would like to tell you about my big trial of faith this week 🙂
So after the meeting with Elder De Hoyos, we went to a bank… and I LEFT THE AREA BOOK THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t know what an area book is… it is kind of every record of the last 2 years of investigators, less actives, everyone you teach basically. It has EVERYTHING IN IT! Seriously this is a missionaries LIFE! We went back 15 minutes later and it was gone.. the area book and a letter from future Hermana Rhoads. I could have cried…. ( I felt like Martin Harris when he lost the record…) We did all we could to find it (left numbers, called secretaries, everything) on Friday it didn’t turn up… My comp and I had divisions that day and he was telling me “Elder, have faith. Cheer up. Everything will be fine it will turn up.” I have never prayed so hard in my life. That night I said to God “Father… please don’t let this area suffer and all thy children in it, and the future missionraies for a stupid mistake of mine. PLEASE.” hahaha!
Saturday night we get a call from Elders in another area… “Hey we have your area book, a sister found it in the bank yesterday!” I was BEAMING and jumping for joy. I will have the area book and lettertomorrow 🙂 This seriously was a miracle and a HUGE test of my faith. I love this mission and every trial that comes with it 🙂
I also learned that God does test our faith. He could have given an impression to that Sister “leave the area book there, the elders will come back in 5 minutes for it” BUT He didn’t. God loves us, He answers prayers 🙂
That is my message to each of you this week. Put it into practice. 🙂
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings: This morning we went BOWLING!!!! and we went to CARLS JR! YUM. I got FIRST in our bracket. It was actually a really great time 🙂

A couple of pictures from the zone Carl’s Jr. stop and bowling.





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