The BIG 21

Well, this week is my birthday week. I turn the BIG 21 on Wednesday. So crazy!

We celebrated today; E. Castillo, E. Ochoa, E. Reidhead, & I today at a Brazilian Restaurant. (Like Tucahno’s sp?) MMMMMM. MMMMM. GOOOOD! 🙂
Today Mexico played against Croatia and BOY was it crazy in the streets. Being in the restaurant we saw the 1st half. When we started to walk toward the bus we were surrounded by restaurants and when we passed by Mexico made 2 goals… The emotion is insane here in Mexico and it is so special 🙂 The whole world just stops for a second and everyone goes WILD, the screams the shouts and it is just so awesome 🙂 Kind of hard to describe.
Big news… JESUS CANO FLORES FROM XICOTENCATL GOT MARRIED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! He should be baptized by now :)))))) BEST NEWS!
I have to comment on something that has been big for me this week. I have been focusing a lot on following spiritual promptings immediately and not talking myself out of them. I have seen miracles with this in this week 🙂 A taxi driver promised me he would read the Book of Mormon after talking with him on the ride home. A woman we contacted completely accepted the principle of prophets. It was just really special and each one was a spiritual prompting. 🙂
We gave a Book of Mormon to an investigator this week and she was so so happy. She put the Book of Mormon to her heart and said thank you so much, it is beautiful. I will begin reading today. SHE IS SO AWESOMEE! Pray for Reina!
I LOVE THIS WORK! I gotta get going. Know I love each and every single one of you. Wish I could write more about this week but I got to get going.
Elder Swenson
Counting Blessings:
I have to say that one thing that I will miss most about the mission is meetings and reunions. I LOVE the missionaries I serve with and when we get together it is a HOOT! I laugh and smile so big with them 🙂
Saturday session of Stake Conf. President told all the missionaries to come to the front and recite D&C 4. As I stood with each and every one of them reciting these wonderful words, I had tears in my eyes. This experience will never come again. I am so grateful.
Eric with his district celebrating his birthday. He bought everyone lunch.

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Serving the Lord for 2 years in Puebla, Mexico :)
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